Yard Clean-up Tips for the Capital District

Spring begins on March 21, and what better way to welcome it than with a corner-to-corner property cleaning. Even if you raked really well last fall, no doubt the winter weather has brought quite a crop of stray leaves, broken branches and assorted rubbish to your yard. Focusing on the following areas when you clean up will help you remove the unsightly dead flora and debris, clearing the way for new, healthy vegetative growth.

If your building has gutters, you'll probably want to begin there, and you'll probably need to use a ladder to reach them. Exercise caution when positioning your ladder. Erosion may have occurred due to run-off, salt and melting snow, so check for solid ground before you begin your climb. A little water from a hose and a garden spade can help you open the gutter channel with minimal effort. If you have shrubs directly beneath the gutters, try to toss the leaves over them, not on them.

Next, take a look at the area immediately surrounding your building. Pay particular attention to cellar windows, bushes, inside corners and stairways. If you have a gas or electric leaf blower, it can be quite handy for pushing the leaves and debris out into the yard for easy removal. If you don't have a leaf blower, a small or adjustable rake can make your job much easier. Then, clean out any islands or flower beds using the same method.

Once you have finished cleaning around the perimeter of the building and flower beds, do a quick walk-about, picking up fallen sticks and branches, and then do the same for any rubbish that may have collected on your lawn. Pile the branches by the road-side for pick-up, or whatever other method you have in place for their removal, and put the rubbish in the trash.

Now, go to one corner of your property and begin raking (or blowing) the leaves in from the perimeter, continuing all around the property line. Once you've made it back to the spot where you began, you are ready to rake the leaves, from the property line, as well as the leaves from the area immediately surrounding the building, beds and islands, into piles for bagging, or hauling away on a tarpaulin.

As a final step, sweep or blow off any sidewalks, driveways and parking areas, as these areas are likely to have collected a great deal of gravel and salt over the past few months.

About the author:

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